Videos of 3349 in action

Here is 3349 at the Abingdon Air Show (May 2019 Pilot: Andy of )

Ian flying back from Lt. Gransden airshow

There’s a whole story behind this, Ian and I flew into Lt. Gransden that morning for the airshow, I spent the day looking after a couple of planes, including the Wacky Wrabbit (T6 which this video is taken from, however…… due to a technical issue both Ian and I were unable to take off from EGMJ with both of us on board…… no comment, apparently my ‘personal excess baggage’ may be to blame….. anyway, not a bad commute back to Duxford, at sunset. Thanks to Neil and Wacky Wrabbit for the lift home, as you can see, it was stunning and a memory I will take with me.