How’s your German?

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Dave Unwin, who writes for Pilot Magazine and has done an article on the Yale before, recently went up for a spin (Last summer when COVID restrictions were lifted) here is an article he posted in a sister magazine for the German Market – remembering that the plane spent some time during the Second World War in the Luftwaffe, it seems quite appropriate to acknowledge the history of these aircraft, as Ian puts it “I’m just a custodian of the aircraft” “and I must pass the history forward”

As a footnote, following this flight Dave was with Eskil Amdal in the fated Hawker Sea Fury that afternoon, thanks to both Dave’s 35 yrs flying and Eskil’s experience the plane was put down in a nearby field and both men walked away (Well, Eskil spent a couple of days in hospital) but figuratively speaking….. unfortunately the Sea Fury didn’t make it